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Top 10 Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen


Are you thinking of starting your vlog, or you already have one and want to buy the camera which is best suited to make your vlog that gets the attention it deserves? 

There are basically two elements when it comes to being a popular and successful vlogger or YouTuber, which are good content and a good camera! 

If you already have the good content and content ideas aspect locked down (which you really should), all that's left for you is to choose the best camera with a flip screen suited for vlogging.

You can start vlogging with any camera, but vlogging cameras with flip screen are the ideal choices because you can see exactly how you and everything look in the frame from the flip screen as the camera is filming.

(Apart from flip screen, cameras with a front screen also work great for vlogging. Check out the action camera with front screen for vlogging, adventure, sports. )

With the main focus being on user specs and affordability, we discover the top 10 cheap vlogging cameras with flip screens and excellent performance that are best suited for vlogging. 

Part 1: Cheap Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen

Canon PowerShot SX730

Price: $379.00

Canon PowerShot SX730 is an affordable vlogging camera with flip screen for about $300. SX730 takes 1080p quality videos with an exciting 60fps frame rate. If you are a vlogger and want to get serious with that business, this is the right camera for you. 

It also comes with a powerful 40x optical zoom so that you won't suffer from struggling to fit in your video. It has a powerful processor that awards you with lightning-fast responses.

The camera provides Self Portrait mode, which can be activated when you tilt the flip screen with your face in the frame. In the self-portrait mode, you can enjoy features such as smooth skin tones, blur background to have a better selfie. 

It also comes with a whole lot of other quirks like:

● Lightweight and pocket-size;

● 3.0-inch LCD flip screen;

● Remarkable low light performance.

Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder

Price: $248.98

Of all the low-priced flip screen cameras for vlogging, Canon VIXIA HF R700 Camcorder is the best.

Usually priced at about $200, this camera has the most advanced zoom capacity of any other good camera out there and optical image stabilization, which helps you record HD videos even in motion.

Its quirks include:

● easy to use;

● highly affordable;

● lightweight.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70S

Price: $347.99

Priced at about $300, this is the best camera in its price range. This flip screen camera has an astounding 4k video shooting capability, allowing you to take excellent quality videos at such a low price. 

The camera also has a post-focus feature, which allows you to focus on images after taking them, something you rarely encounter in the cameras of that price range.

Some other pros include:

● lightweight;

● reliability;

● outdoor capabilities.

SAMSUNG Multiview

Price: $300 

It is a daring new camera by Samsung that comes with some good features. This compact-sized Samsung flip screen camera comes with 1080p quality. Besides, you can easily change its lenses. 

It comes with an incredible sensor and an immaculate ISO, which makes it take astounding quality videos even in low light.

Adding to its list of pros are:

● long battery life;

● fast shutter speeds;

● slim and lightweight build.

Part 2: Canon vlogging camera with flip screen

Canon PowerShot G7X

Price: $649.00

Canon Powershot G7X is a powerhouse when it comes to making videos for the internet. It is the ultimate vlogger's tool. It is because of many reasons. 

It is easy to hold and can flip upwards, allowing you to clearly see yourself in terms of shots and angles. It all adds to the fact that it has a touch screen for easier and immersive operations while taking your videos.

● It also comes with 70D and 80D video quality.

● It has optical image stabilization, which makes it easier for you to operate it and create good videos, even when outdoors.

Canon EOS 80D

Price: $749.99

Canon EOS 80D is a supreme quality camera with a wide range of features that make it one of the most ideal choices for YouTubers out there. It takes Ultra-HD videos, which you can send to your other devices or straight to YouTube through its Wi-Fi feature. 

The camera is equipped with excellent quality autofocus along with a flipping LCD touch screen. However, it does have low battery life and bad low-lighting performance.

It comes with these other pros:

● high quality recording;

● external microphone jack.

Canon Rebel T5i

Price: $750

A favorite for beginner and mid-level vloggers, this camera is a good choice because of many reasons.

It is a low-priced camera with a lot of necessary features for vlogging. Having 1080p video quality with a 30fps frame rate, the touch screen camera ticks all the boxes for a good vlogging camera at an affordable price.

Though the auto-focus leaves a lot to be desired, the various pros it has makes it a good camera ideal for vlogging and YouTubing.

These include:

● optical image stabilization;

● good-quality video output.

Canon EOS M50

Price: $639.95

EOS M50 is a studio-worthy flip screen device that works efficiently in your YouTube studio. It comes with the 70D feature (common for such cameras) and can still take excellent videos even under low lighting. 

Besides, it also has that optical image stabilization and continuous autofocus that might prove necessary when filming outdoors or moving targets. It is also an ideal travel device for traveling vlogs. 

● Other pros include:

● convenient wireless technology;

● very durable.

Part 3: Sony vlogging camera with flip screen

Sony A6600

Price: $1,398.00

Sony's Alpha 6600 is a premium device available and fit for a lot of users, vloggers included. This camera has an incredible 24MP resolution and 4k video capabilities. Aiding these features is an extended battery life that outlives that of its other A6000 models.

Though not that easy to use, it comes with a wide range of other quirks, such as:

● image stabilization;

● touch screen;

● advanced autofocus.

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 VII

Price: $1,298

Representing the never-disappointing family of Sony Camera is Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 VI. Definitely one of the best cameras that are ideal for vlogging. It is a small but powerful machine, giving you 4k video quality and a frame rate reaching an astounding 960 hertz.

The device also has a smart sensor to keep you on continuous auto-focus. However, it is not a good travel camera and has a disappointing 4k recording time.

Yet, it comes equipped with: 

● 120 hertz for 1080p videos; 

● autofocus;

● good image quality, even for still images.

With any of these devices, you are guaranteed to have an exciting vlog with incredible video quality for your fans.

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