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Personal Body Camera for Citizen (Best Picks)


Body cameras are now available for both the police and other civilians. Initially, they were utilized mainly by law enforcement agencies for evidence purposes, but now, ordinary citizens can purchase and use them. These body cameras may come with both USB and WiFi enable features.

With the wealth of options available, selecting a body cam can be quite challenging. This article will guide you on factors to consider when choosing a body camera and provide a list of the 5 best body cameras on the market.

What are the Best Body Cameras For Citizens

1. BOBLOV PD70 WiFi Body Mounted Camera

The BOBLOV PD70 body-mounted camera comes with built-in WiFi and is easy to operate and comfortable to wear. It comes equipped with a dash camera mode that allows it to start recording once the engine starts and stop once the engine is turned off.


 At slightly over $100, it is very affordable.

 Excellent video resolution, even in low light.

 Great night vision adaptation.

 Great for short shifts.

 Comes with a USB cable for charging or connecting to a desktop.

 Inbuilt 32GB memory and a slot for an external memory card.


 There is a limit to where the camera can be placed. It can only be clipped up or down.

 Poor audio playback quality.

 It has only 5 hours of video recording available.

2. Transcend DrivePro Body 30

The Transcend drive pro body camera has so many cool features that warrant a spot on our best picklist. It can capture high-resolution images in all environments with an image sensor and infrared LEDs, even in low light. This body camera is built to withstand rugged environments and comes with several useful accessories and software to improve the user experience.


 High storage capacity.

 It is both dust and water-resistant.

 It is designed with robust anti-shock features.

 It comes with built-in Infrared LEDs that improve night vision.


 At the cost of $165.99, it is more expensive than other options.

 For a camera with such a high price, the battery life falls short.

3. Veho Muvi HD10x Micro Camcorder

The Veho Muvi HD10X Micro camcorder is great for citizens who want to wear a body cam without making it obvious. It is a discrete and cheap body camera option and a full video capture option. While this body camera does not come with WiFi, it comes with a port for an external micro SD card of up to 8 GB.


 At $140, it is quite affordable.

 It is small, hands-free, and unobstructed.

 It offers high definition video capture.

 Comes with a port for an external memory card.


 It lacks an option for WiFi.

 It captures only a narrow viewing field.

 No GPS and view screen.

4. AKASO Keychain

This ultra-lightweight body camera excels at capturing all your important moments. With its 36 gram and 50mm body design, this Keychain camera is discrete and can be worn anywhere. You may choose to attach it to your chest utilizing a magnet, stick it in your car, or wear it on your headband.


 It is extremely portable.

 It comes with anti-shake technology.

 The AKASO keychain camera features a pivot stand and mount base.

 Comes with both a magnetic board and clip.

 It costs only $100.


 Can record only 1 hour's worth of videos.

 It has a narrow view range.

5. AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera With Chest Mount

This AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera is made with high-quality materials. It is priced at $139.99, has an anti-skid design on the back, and is super portable.


 Advanced electronic image stabilization.

 It comes with a photo resolution of 20mp.

 It supports some slow-motion frame rate.


 Given to overheating.

 Poor battery life.

Is it Legal for Citizens to Use Body Cameras?

Yes, as long as the body camera is used in public spaces and not in private spaces. These cameras can be used to collect video and audio evidence or even record personal moments.

Factors to Consider When Selecting A Body Camera

It is vital to remember that the best camera for client A may not necessarily be great for you. Therefore, certain factors should influence your choice. We have discussed a few of these factors below.

1. What do You Intend to Use the Body Camera for?

Answering this question is crucial to selecting a body camera that meets your personal needs. The vast types of personal body cameras are designed for specific purposes and usage. Some are ultra-lightweight but have poor battery life; others have awesome night-vision but are give average resolutions during the day. You need to identify how you intend to use these cameras and the features most important to you.

2. Budget

With the evolution in the technology of body cameras, the prices have significantly reduced. However, the cameras still come at varying price ranges. You must pick out one within your predetermined budget. 

3. The Battery Life

Most portable, lightweight personal body cameras can record only a few hours' worth of video. If what you require is one with great battery capacity, you may need to pay a little more. 

4. Storage Capacity

You must consider the storage capacity of the various cameras before purchasing any. If you are recording long videos, we recommend selecting a body camera with a large storage capacity and a port for the external storage card.

5. Video Quality

If you intend to use your camera to collect evidence, you must consider body cameras that offer high-resolution videos. A lot of body cameras will give you the option of setting the resolution yourself. Note that videos with higher resolutions take up more space than low-resolution videos. 

6. Connectivity

Most body cams come with USB ports for USB connectivity. For basic security establishments, this is fine. However, suppose you want to use your body cam to broadcast events and news live. In that case, we suggest you get one with WiFi connectivity.


Owning a personal body camera doesn't have to bankrupt you. Various brands offer great features at affordable prices. Some of the best personal Body cameras in the market are: BOBLOV PD70 body-mounted camera, Transcend drive pro, and AKASO keychain body camera. Use the tips we have given you in this article to select the body camera that bests suits your needs.

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