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Cheap Vlog Cameras to Save Your Budget


To craft a story, you need a camera to vlog. Vlogging is an art form that is an opportunity to be creative. A camera is an instrument that brings the story to audiences with proper skills, writes Shane Birley.

A vlog camera comes with features and specs that can deliver your message across the field. Several handy features can be observed in a vlogging camera, from its screen, lens, size, and video quality to its performance in low-light conditions where many cameras fail. 

The right camera is never expensive. It fits. The blog explores cheap cameras that can fit in your vlogging journey with ease。

1. Cheap DSLR Cameras for Vlogging

Canon Rebel T6i

Canon Rebel T6i comes with an APS-C size sensor with interchangeable lenses of 18-55mm, a full range of features for video footage, amazing focusing ability powered by its kit lenses, which comes in excellent quality. 

Above it, it's an affordable cheap option — sounds interesting?

The DSLR camera has a 3-inch LCD screen, but it's fixed. It's a single drawback that can be ignored because the DSLR comes with rich features just made for your vlogging:

You can have an external microphone, a battery grip that provides freedom of creativity with the cam. It promises a rich experience for video creators. 

Get a well-tuned video quality of 1080P for YouTube. You also get built-in Wi-Fi, and with it, you can go live for 1-hour and 30-minutes with its remarkable battery timing. 

It has a high-resolution 24.2 CMOS sensor that captures crisp photos with detail. Whether it's a low-light or medium-light condition, your cam will dominate the video. 

Likewise, it has a light-metering system that makes photos naturally-looking by optimizing the exposure. The aperture, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity are adjusted automatically.

Also, you'll not need to do color correction by using the cam. Above all, the price is low. Have a new vlogging experience with the Canon EOS Rebel T6i. 

Canon EOS 77D

Have quality and control at the same time with the DSLR Canon EOS 77D. These attributes make the Canon EOS 77D the right option because it provides a footage quality up to 1080MP at 60P. 

It's equipped with a powerful 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor that comes with image stabilization (five-axis) technology. You get a blur-free image at a low price.

It may not capture 4K footage, but the cam provides an alternative. It gives you a 60P for HD video footage, a 3-inch wide touchscreen, and a feature of Dual Pixel autofocus. Likewise, it provides great connectivity options.

Also, you get NFC, Bluetooth, and built-in Wi-Fi to instantly share your vlogs on social media. Go live on Youtube and Instagram with the Canon EOS 77D, equipped with Dual Pixel autofocus. 

Have it instantly because it's cheaper than other high-end DSLRs, and you can photograph no less than 600 shots with its battery timing.

2. Cheap Vlogging Compact Cameras for Beginners

Canon PowerShot SX620

Discover a new vlogging experience with the compact Canon SX620, which is a good option because compared to its predecessors, it now boasts a 25 to 625mm lens that comes with a power of 25x zoom. With it, now you can have a powerful telephoto for your vlogging. 

To get a much better shot, you can increase the sensitivity a bit to cap on all its advantages.

The power optical zoom further comes with Intelligent IS that optimizes the photo quality. It ensures shake-free footage that you can spread on social media because the cam comes with in-built Wi-Fi, NFC, that you can hire for more connectivity. You don't need a USD cable in your bag anymore.

Its ISO sensitivity ranges from 80 to 3200 in program mode, and in SmartAuto, you get sensitivity 80 to 1600, which is more than you can bargain for at a low price.

There are metering modes for capturing better photos, and the shutter speeds are from 15 to 1/2000 second.  Likewise, it boasts a 20.2 MP CMOS sensor with a powerful processor. 

You don't need to worry about low-light anymore with this DSLR because you get an amazing auto-zoom feature along. However, with a high ISO and noise, the image can be of low quality in a low-light condition. 

Another minor disadvantage is that it lacks a touchscreen. However, the LCD is wide enough (3-inch). Also, it lacks a flip screen, but the screen you get is intuitive and durable.

But it's compensated. Using Zoom plus, you can have a 50x zoom option, doubled than x25. The cam can be used to capture up to 402 shots, and this is what you need at a low price, starting from $250.

Olympus TG-5

Whether it's mountain climbing, off-road biking, or diving you're looking for, the impressive compact, rugged Olympus TG-5 is the answer to your adventurous spirits. It's cheap and affordable.

It's equipped with 4K Ultra HD footage at 60 FS compared to the Canon EOS 77D, providing 12MP stills, a wide-range of connectivity options from Wi-Fi to HDMI, and a 3-inch LCD. 

You get a powerful 12MP BSI CMOS sensor and a TruePic VIII image processor to help you in low-light situations.  

Don't worry about shooting in low-light because the Olympus TG-5 is the answer to your concerns. It'll take care of different light situations with its image processor instantly, and the cam is a durable candidate.

Its design can withstand demanding situations: a live streaming session under the boiling sun or on a cliff. The cam is freeze proof, shockproof (7 ft), and dustproof. 

However, the vlogging cam comes with minor disadvantages. It lacks a touchscreen, and its menu could be harder for a starter to understand. 

It's well-compensated because the Olympus TG-5 is a cheap, high-value option designed for your rich vlogging experience. Furthermore, you get a battery that can stand more than 340 shots. That's something you can bargain for at a low price. Have it instantly.

3. Cheap Action Camera for Vlogging

AKASO Brave 7 LE

The AKASO Brave 7 LE is a camcorder with a front-facing selfie screen, 6-axis image stabilization (a major factor), and equipped to take 20 MP photos. It does all these features with excellent usability, and it's a cheap camera for vlogging.

It's made for vlogging at a low price because it also comes with 4K video footage at 30 FPS. However, it can also be taken as a downside because other models similar to it in features offer 4K at 60 FPS.

It may offer what DJI Osmo Action and Sony RXO Mark II give, but the cam is a low-priced, high-value solution for your action vlogging experience. 

You can attach it to your TV set, or you can share photos on social media with the AKASO Brave 7 LE because it offers an HDMI option, and it comes with built-in Wi-Fi. Go live on Instagram, and vlog your way to the mountain top on Youtube.

The cam comes with the ability to face harsh situations. You can take it to the nearest community pool (which withstands 131 ft). Its battery can stand up to 90 minutes (on a recording).

Likewise, you can take it to off-road biking because it's light, weighing only 108g, and it's drop-proof by design. Its fishy lens can capture detailed footage that you can edit in the AKASO Go app.

The cam boasts a 2-inch touchscreen, and its front-screen is perfectly designed in 1.5 inches. It gives you more freedom and a reason for creativity. Make a wise choice, and have AKASO  Brave 7 LE instantly.


The AKASO V50 Pro boasts 4K at 30P, connectivity options, image stabilization for your photos so that they're blur-free, adjustable view angle for your photographic creativity, and it can be controlled from far through remote control. 

In simple words, it's made for your vlogging action. Its lens can capture a photo up to 20 MP, something you'll find hard across cheap cameras that finely tunes with vlogging. 

Likewise, you get Wi-Fi that you can use to share photos and live broadcasting across social media, which you can watch on a TV set with its HDMI option. You can also plug an external mic.

With this camcorder, your vlogging experience will be rich and diverse. It comes with a water-proof case (100ft), and several accessories, such as a helmet kit. It can stand 90 minutes of HD footage.

Also, it has a 2-inch touchscreen, wide-enough to use without many conveniences. The cam offers minor drawbacks, such as the pair of round buttons that can feel cheap, and it's not water-proof like recent GoPro models. However, it's well-compensated: 

The cam can be used as a dashcam, there are several filter options to help different light conditions, and it comes with time-lapse, burst mode, and self-timer features.

Besides it, you get lens distortion correction and wind noise cancellation feature. It's made for your vlogging.

4. Cheap Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen

Nikon COOLPIX B500

The Nikon COOLPIX B500 comes with a flip screen that makes your vlogging experience amazing. Its tilting LCD ensures easy handling. You'll be able to monitor your vlogging recording.

You can tilt it to a 90° face up without convenience. The cam offers 16 MP photos with its lens. The BSI CMOS sensor of the cam ensures you get fine footage.

The optical lens can be utilized to 40x zoom or take it to an 80x dynamic zoom. That's something you can't bargain for at a low price that comes with the Nikon COOLPIX B500. You also get connectivity options from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, up to NFC. 

The screen is 3-inch, which makes it an easy camera to deploy for your action vlogging. Your vlogging can benefit from its magical enrich 1080 HD video recording option.

For your benefit, the amazing COOLPIX B500 is a cheap cam. It also offers a good flash range of 6.9 meters.

You also get a drive mode, red-eye correction in the bargain, and its battery can stand up to 600 shots in raw. It's just the right option for you to avail at a low price.


The Canon Vixia HF R800 is made to impress you because it's equipped with a good processor, and it can shoot 1080P footage at 60 FPS.

Its processor is made to cut extra nose. However, its sensor is small. As a result, you can experience image noise during low-light recording.

Fear not, because the cam is equipped with features which cut the cons to minimal disadvantages to face. It has a five-axis image stabilization, which ensures your footage is shake-free. 

You get a 32x optical zoom, along with its 3.82 MP sensor. This is more than average. Now you don't have to hesitate to vlog during a safari trip. 

Also, the camcorder boasts a 3–inch touchscreen LCD monitor. The cam is easy to use, and there are few buttons to care about. This makes it a user-friendly, portable, high-value cam—a cheap camera to must-have.

5. Cheap Vlogging Camcorder with Mic Input

Sony HDR CX405

The Sony HDR-CX405 is an HD Handycam, a perfect companion for vlogging due to its rich features, such as its mic input. It's an impressive cam that features 1080P video recording at 60P and 9.2 MP still images. 

It has an intuitive 2.7-inch LCD screen that gives you a display of 230K resolution. You can take it to vlogging experiences up on hiking or off-road biking because it's easy to use and well equipped with image stabilization, connectivity options (with USB cable). 

Its IntelligentAuto turn on settings that match-best, optimizing the combination of settings across the footage. Its long-lasting battery can withstand more than 110 minutes.

However, it lacks Wi-Fi but comes with a micro HDMI. The cam's optical lens can zoom up to 27x. It's cheap — a suitable option for you to be content with.

Canon Vixia HF800

The Canon Vixia HF800 is an impressive camcorder for your vlogging adventure. It has an external microphone input that can help the audio quality of your vlogging footage. You'll be able to test the audio with features it offers, even if you found yourself in a hubbub.

The cam is for you if you're looking for a camcorder that has a high-end optical lens, a manageable screen, and can shoot HD footage:

It offers 32x optical zoom, 1080P video recording at 60 FPS, IS, and it comes with a 3-inch touchscreen LCD monitor. 

However, its video recording file can have a large size. Still, it's an amazing cam to choose, because you get it all at a low price.

Cheap Mirrorless Camera for Vlogging

Panasonic Lumix G100

The Panasonic Lumix G100 is a cheap priced mirrorless camera that brings portability and superior performance for your vlogging experience. It comes with an advanced IS, audio tracking, and 3 microphones to detect and mold rich audio for your dream footage.

You can shoot 4K at 30P, HD at 120P, and photos. It has a powerful 20.3 MP live MOS sensor. It weighs 412g, which makes it a lighter cam to deploy in your next action diaries. This brings it in competition with the Panasonic Lumix S5. However, the former is double the price of the latter.

Its 3-inch LCD screen flips to face the user. Likewise, its other amazing features, the cam's battery, can withstand more than 90 minutes of recording straight away. Additionally, you get a 5-axis Hybrid IS. However, during 4k recording, 4-axis IS is used.

The cam offers connectivity from Wi-Fi, Micro HDMI to Bluetooth. It's cheap, and it's made for you. Add it to your arsenal and enjoy the thrill of vlogging with the Panasonic Lumix G100.

Fujifilm X-A7

The Fujifilm X-A7 is another mirrorless camera that boasts a 24 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, fully-articulating 2.76M dot 3.5-inch touchscreen, microphone input, and also you get a wide-range of connectivity option. 

It's a level APS-C camera for your vlogging at a low price. The camera offers IS, and it can shoot 4K at 30 like a breeze.

The cam comes with 425 autofocus points, providing 100 percent coverage, and it's cheaper than Sony that offers similar features, such as a viewfinder and much stronger autofocus.

It has a lightweight, compact body, and it's laced with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that you can use for spreading the word across social media. 

Its 3.5 wide touchscreen LCD is intuitive and easy to use. The cam is just made for you. Add it as a companion to your next amazing winter adventure.


It's the electronic image stabilization, size, lens aperture, LCD screen, battery timing, and connectivity of a camera that matters in vlogging. With proper skill, one can vlog his way to the top. 

For this, you can employ Fujifilm X-A7, which is a mirrorless cam that comes with a 23 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, a flip screen, microphone input, and a range of connectivity option. Similarly, you can take a look at the Sony HDR-CX405 Handycam, which comes with a 27x optical zoom. 

On the other hand, the Canon Vixia offers 32x optical zoom. However, unlike the AKASO V50 Pro, which offers 4K video recordings, it comes with a 1080P recording option. The AKASO Brave 7 LE is another cheap option that offers 4K at 60 FPS at a low price. Another cam is the Canon Powershot SX620, which offers a 25x and 20.2 MP CMOS sensor.

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