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[Buying Guide] Best Camping Chairs 2021


When you go camping in the great outdoors, you need a comfortable camping chair to sit down and relax. Since there are different definitions of comfortable for different kinds of people, there are various choices when it comes to a camping chair. 

Here we collected all types of camping chairs you can find in the market and made this list. Hope you can get inspired and find the perfect camping chairs for your trip. 

1. High back camping chair

Highlights: Provide headrest; sturdy.

The idea of high back camping chairs is really great for people who want to rest your neck. High-back camping chairs usually come with a headrest, which is very comfortable for your neck and head. 

There are also high back camping chairs with lumbar support, armrests, or footrest. Most high-back camping chairs are foldable or collapsible, weighing from 1.25 kg to 10 kg. 

2. Reclining camping chairs

Highlights: Comfortable; heavier than other kinds of camping chairs. 

What will be more comfortable than lying down in nature? A reclining camping chair is just what you need. 

A reclining camping chair usually provides several reclining positions. Most of them provide 3-4 reclining positions, while there are chairs with up to 7 reclining positions. 

You can expect a handrest, footrest, headrest from most reclining camping chairs. 

3. Fold up camping chairs

Highlights: ready-to-use and doesn’t need assembly.

Folding camping chairs are easy-to-use. You can just take them out, spread them and sit down, which is very convenient in camping, especially comparing to camping chairs with a collapsible design, which means you have to take some extra steps to make the chairs ready. A folding camping chair is usually heavier than a collapsible one. 

There are mainly two types of folding in camping chairs: one is folding like a book; the other is folding like an umbrella. 

4. Inflatable camping chairs

Highlights: Extralight; fun.

Inflatable chairs are less common in camping, but they are great options if you need an extra lightweight chair for camping.

There are inflatable lounge chairs and inflatable sofas you can choose from. And if you are concerned about inflation, don’t worry, nowadays most inflatable chairs take only a few minutes to inflate and deflate. Some of them even allow you to inflate the chairs without pumping: just run straight against the wind to catch air.

5. Zero gravity camping chair

Highlights: comfortable, weightless. 

Zero-gravity chairs are very comfortable for camping. Zero-gravity chairs were first designed for astronauts. The chairs are designed with signature reclined positions to reduce the pressure placed on human bodies on space launches. 

This zero-gravity design is available in camping chairs now. When sitting on a zero-gravity camping chair, your weight is distributed evenly across all pressure points so that you will feel weightless. 

6. Rocking camping chair

Highlights: relaxing, heavier than other kinds of the chair. 

Rocking camping chairs are really relaxing, especially when you are sitting in the forest or in front of the campfire. When looking for a rocking camping chair, you should pay attention to the frame of the chair. It needs to be strong and sturdy, thus a rocking camping chair can’t be lightweight. 

7. Swinging camping chair

Highlights: fun and cool design. 

Remember the time when you look around for trees in a campsite to hang a hammock for swinging. Well, with a swinging camping chair, you have a freestanding swing that doesn’t need trees anymore. 

You should know that all swinging camping chairs are collapsible, which makes them more portable, but you will need a simple assembly before using them. 

8. Camping chair with canopy

Highlights: suitable for summer camping. 

When camping on a hot, sunny day, a camping chair with a canopy or shade can be a lifesaver. The canopy is often adjustable and removable so that you can enjoy the chair in different weathers.  

These camping chairs also include some other features, such as reclining design, armrests, headrests, cup holders, etc. 

9. Double camping chairs

Highlights: for couples 

Double camping chairs, also referred to as a loveseat, are designed for 2. It allows you to sit closely with your lover, kids, or other loved ones in beautiful nature. You can choose loveseat camping chairs that are padded, which will add a bit of comfort. Also check the weight, seat height, the capacity of the chairs before making a purchase. 

10. Heavy-duty camping chairs

Highlights: for big guys.

Most camping chairs on the market come with a weight capacity of around 300 lb (136 kg), which is not enough for big buys. Luckily, there are heavy-duty camping chairs with extra capacity. They are usually built with powder-coated steel and high-denier fabric, with weight capacity ranging from 300 lb(136 kg) to 1000 lb(453 kg).


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